【Official】AJ Resort Island Ikeijima

【Important】Regarding suspension of new acquisitions of StayNavi coupons (travel support coupons) on 9/20

  • After 9/20,Plan to stop accepting new coupons

    Regarding accommodation discounts for Okinawa Aya Discovery NEXT, it is expected that the budget will reach the upper limit, so we plan to temporarily stop accepting new accommodation discounts and issuing discount coupons from STAYNAVI as of 23:59 on September 20th.
    If the budget limit is reached before September 20th, there is a possibility that the service will stop earlier than planned.※Please note that you will not be able to receive discounts for travel assistance after coupon issuance stops.

To customers who made a reservation on the hotel Official website

  • ~Nationwide travel support and application method~

    Our hotel is a facility eligible for "National Travel Assistance".
    If you make a reservation from the Official website, you will need to issue a coupon from "Stay Navi (external site)" after completing the reservation.

    ※Please note that support is not available at the time of reservation completion.
    ※Conditions apply for travel assistance.
     Please apply after understanding the conditions, purpose and purpose of the campaign.

    【Implementation period]For stays from September 1, 2023 to November 30, 2023
    【Usage target】
     1) Residents of Japan
    【Usage requirements】
     1) Presentation of original ID card(Confirmation of place of residence)
     ※It is not necessary to inoculate 3 doses of the vaccine or obtain a negative certificate.

Official website reservation privilege-

  • Use ticket present in this facility!

    A free ticket for use at this facility that can be used at our hotel, "500 yen", is presented for the number of adults! (Once during your stay)
    You can use it for the hot spring facility, animal contact corner, Segway, go-kart, roller skating rink.

    ※This voucher is valid only during your stay.
     It cannot be applied to the room rate.Children and infants are not eligible.
     No change will be issued even if the total usage is less than 500 yen.Please understand.

Initiatives for new coronavirus infections

  • We appreciate your cooperation in measuring the temperature at check-in.

    This facility places the highest priority on the health of all customers and staff.
    If you have a fever symptom of 37.5°C or higher during the temperature measurement at check-in, we will follow the instructions of the public health center.
    To prevent infectious diseases, we have installed multiple alcohol sanitizers in the facility.
    In addition, air is replaced for ventilation in the facility.The face-to-face counter has a partition to prevent splash infection.We thoroughly manage the physical condition of the staff and wash our hands, disinfect alcohol and wear masks.
    We would appreciate if you would take the same measures as those of our customers, and if you are not feeling well, please inform our staff immediately.

Initiatives for new coronavirus infections

  • Meal delivery method may change

    All customers are requested to wash their hands and disinfect with alcohol when entering the store.
    Please wear rubber gloves when eating from the buffet lane.
    The windows are always open for ventilation inside the facility.Regarding buffet-style meals, the provision method may be changed without notice.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation to prevent infectious diseases.

The cottage has introduced a large 55-inch LCD TV in all rooms!

  • ~Latest 4K LCD TV~

    At this facility, we have introduced a large 55-inch TV in Japanese + Western-style guest rooms.
    The large wall-mounted TV can be adjusted to the left or right, so you can enjoy powerful images even at a distance.We also rent Blu-ray players.Feel free to ask the staff.※Rental items are limited.

All rooms are equipped with an air purifier equipped with a Plasmacluster function!

  • 【world's first】Plasmacluster reduce coronavirus

    It was announced by Sharp (September 7th) that Sharp's original technology "Plasmacluster" has demonstrated the effect of reducing the new coronavirus suspended in the air.It is said that it was the first time in the world that the reduction of coronavirus could be confirmed by the ion-releasing air cleaning function.In this facility, all guest rooms are equipped with an air purifier made by Sharp and equipped with a Plasmacluster function.
    In addition, Panasonic's product "Giaino", which cleans the air with hypochlorous acid, is installed in the lobby and restaurant venues.We will continue to strengthen infectious disease prevention measures so that customers can use the facility with peace of mind.

Restaurant Hibis reopened!

  • Restaurant Hibis has been renewed as a yakiniku buffet!

    The restaurant Hibis has been renewed as a Yakiniku buffet.
    The iron plate is a smokeless roaster that does not emit smoke, so you can use it without worrying about smoke or odor.In addition, the far infrared rays of ceramic charcoal removes unnecessary fat, so you can enjoy it healthy.

    Enjoy the barbecue to your heart's content on the terrace with ocean views.

-Limited to the last minute! A superb view spot Ikei Island where you can see the morning sun! -

  • If it is vacant, let's stay reasonably! "With breakfast""Cannot Specify Room/Confirmed Non-smoking Room》

    【Remote islands and Ikei Island Islands by car】
    Sparkling orange sunrise, sea of ​​coral reef.
    Please spend a relaxing island time at Ikei Island where you can see the magnificent blue gradation to the horizon.

    The room type is fun for the day!
    Rooms are available in Hotel Main Building, Standard Room, or Cottage + Western Western-style room.
    ※The room type and room level are set at a reasonable price on the condition that you cannot choose.

Tour the vast site on the Segway with the Pacific Ocean in the background!

  • Ikei Island Segway Ride on Ikei Island Island! -

    Segway tour around the vast site of the hotel on Segway!
    Experience the mobility robot of the near future with the Pacific Ocean in the background.

    【Target age】 10 years old (4th grade),And more than 130cm tall,Weight less than 100kg,Wearing sneakers
    【Opening Hours】 Sunset from 8:30 ※Cancel rain

    Guest 30 minutes / 2,500 yen
    Outpatient 30 minutes / 3,000 yen

Landing from Okinawa! -Nine bot go kart-

  • Segway go-kart【Nine bot】

    The hotel has introduced “Ninebot Go-Kart”, the first state-of-the-art vehicle in the prefecture. course is a full-scale circuit area with a total length of 600m, so even adults can enjoy it. Please enjoy the near future go-kart on Ikei Island.

    The activities of this facility (Segway, go-kart, roller skating) are available only to outpatients.Please enjoy the facilities of Ikei Island with your friends.

    【versus  elephant】10 years old (4th grade),And more than 130cm tall,Weight less than 100kg,Wearing sneakers
    【Opening Hours】Sunset from 8:30 ※Cancel rain

    Guest 30 minutes / 2,500 yen
    Outpatient 30 minutes / 3,000 yen

Ikei Island roller skating rink has appeared on Ikei Island! -

  • Roller skates will be added to new activities!

    Following the Segway, our hotel has a new roller skating rink.
    Roller skates for adults and fresh for kids.
    Segway and roller skating are available to foreign visitors, so please enjoy the hot spring and the set.Please bring your shoes (sneakers) with you.

    "business hours", 8:30 to 20:00
    "Price", 2 hours / 500 yen

-Notice of lunch business-

  • Very Satisfactory Quantity! Yakiniku lunch is open!

    Our restaurant, Hibis, also serves a smokeless roaster yakiniku lunch during lunchtime.In addition, we offer classic Okinawa Soba Noodles (cartilage soki soba, three pieces of meat soba), taco rice, and juicy.There is also a drink bar, so please use Restaurant Hibis when you come to Ikei Island.

    【Opening Hours】From 12:00 to 14:30(Last order 14:00)

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • Ikeijima Hot Spring ~ Kuroshio-no-yu ~

    Guests for Overnight Stay(1 day)
    Adult 1,000 yen Child 600 yen
    Outpatient customer(Once)
    Adult 1,200 yen Child 800 yen

    Opening Hours
    Midnight 06:00 to 23:00 PM (except Wednesday)
    ※Every Wednesday, business hours change because of maintenance.
    Morning 06: 00-10: 00, From 17:00 PM to 23:00
    ※Final bathing time is 30 minutes before each business hours

    ※Those with a tattoo / tatoo will refuse to use and admission of the pool / hot spring facilities.

  • Guests pool only

    An outdoor pool dedicated to guests.Besides for adults, there is also a shallow water pool for children, and you can enjoy it with your family as well.

    ※Summer business
    ※Those with a tattoo / tatoo will refuse to use and admission of the pool / hot spring facilities.

  • Natural beach

    Natural sandy beach in the color of the clear sea.

    Tropical fish also appears near rocks.

    You can swim freely and take a stroll around the beach.

    It is about 5 minutes on foot.

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